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My favorite images from my 2018 weddings.

I decided it would be fun to post 1 single image from each of my weddings that was my favorite out of their entire gallery. I will be putting them in the order they were shot as well. This will allow you to see my progression over the spring/summer/fall. I gotta say... I think I finally found my "style" :)

Andrew & Page

You're probably wondering... why the heck is this your favorite? I know. But I promise I'm not crazy. This is my favorite because it shows the craziness that happens behind the beautiful shots. There wasn't much of a breeze that day, and we wanted Page's veil to look like it was flying in the wind. So, we had her personal attendant, Stacia, help us out a bit. It definitely took a few tries! This was one of the failed attempts where she threw it up a little too high, ran to get out of the frame, and it ended up flying out of Page's hair. LOL.

Austin & Dana

This wasn't a posed photo. After giving hugs to all of their guests after the ceremony and being congratulated, Austin dipped Dana and kissed her right outside the church doors. The happiness & love that was radiating off of these two is hard to put into words. Officially husband and wife, this was their moment.

Justin & Anna

There is just something about grandparents that gets me at weddings. This photo is so precious. The love that two people can share for so many years is heartwarming. I know Justin and Anna will treasure this photo for years, & that means I did my job right. Weddings are all about the couple, but as a photographer it is very important for me to capture moments like these for the bride and groom as well.

Dalton & Ingrid

Ingrid's flower girl was her biggest fan. She followed Ingrid around alllll day and was such a big helper. I got this photo of the two before we headed back outside into the July heat. I love this photo because someday that little girl is going to be fixing her own hair on her own wedding day while another little girl holds her dress for her.

John & Taylor

This was right after their ceremony, before they made their entrance at their reception. John and Taylor just finished signing their marriage license. She was fixing her hair and John came over to give her a hug. This was one of those real moments that I captured in between all of the "checklist photos".

Lane & Ellie

Father-daughter moments are so special. When the dad tears up... I'm most likely tearing up behind the camera. I can't imagine giving your daughter away is an easy thing to do. Ellie gave her father a couple gifts during their first look and on the softball it says.. "You always told me not to walk but this will be the best walk yet". Is it dusty in here? Must be something in my eye.. I'm not crying you are..

Curtis & Marina

This photo is very powerful, as was the moment. During Curtis and Marina's ceremony, their family and wedding party were asked to pray over them and bless them. The support and love that you can see from everyone in this photo is just so awesome.

Trey & Samantha

Trey and Sam's wedding was my last one for 2018. I grabbed this photo of Sam right before she went to hide out in the bridal suite before the ceremony. It is SO important to relax and enjoy yourself on your wedding day. So have a drink, eat, take a nap, do whatever! You should be as content as Sam is above.

That's a wrapMy 2018 wedding season was full of so many amazing people. I can't say thank you enough to all of my couples, their families, and their friends. I had a blast celebrating with all of you & wish you nothing but happiness for years to come! 2019 will be full of even more weddings, both photo AND video! So stay tuned :)

Happy Tuesday! You survived Monday!

Lots of love,


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