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UNPOSED tips + tricks

Wondering how to get those cute candids without making your clients constantly fake laugh? Here are some things I've learned within the past year that have helped my subjects relax and look natural in their photos.

Lydia & Brett

I asked these 2 to be serious for a photo and it didn't take long for them to bust out laughing from how difficult it was to keep a straight face. Notice the bend in Brett's knees compared to the first photo, and how Lydia is leaning into him more. Those real moments not only make their faces look natural, but also their bodies. It's less stiff & posed, and more relaxed & fun.


Just know that I am most likely going to make you do some goofy stuff to get those natural expressions out of you. Here's my good friend Molly, clapping her hands and kicking her feet. What the heck, right? But look at that smile! Also, what better way to feel comfortable in front of the camera? I know it seems intimidating getting your photo taken.. but it's really not so bad, especially once you're moving around and not having a care in the world because you're too busy laughing at yourself!


Something fun that I like to do with my seniors that wear dresses to their sessions, is to have them twirl around. It's cute and it makes them laugh, especially when I make them constantly do it to the point where they start to feel a little ridiculous. You're welcome! ;) It also adds a little something to a regular standing pose.


Let's run! How cute is she? This is a fun thing to do with seniors, couples, or just when you're taking photos of your friends. Have them jog away from you and turn their head around and look back at the camera.

Morgan & Mitch

We all know the typical "walk together and smile at each other" pose, but add a kick to it next time! In these photos, I had Morgan & Mitch bump hips on their way to me. It was a little difficult because of the height difference, as you can tell. LOL. You could also have your couples swing their locked hands back and forth, but tell them to exaggerate it. It'll make them laugh and smile. Again, because of how ridiculous they'll feel. :)

Ashlin & Nick

Let's dance! This is a fun way to loosen up & maybe practice those moves for the wedding. ;) Spin, dip, let them do whatever they'd like! I love seeing my couples interact with each other like I'm not there, and this is one of my tricks for witnessing that. :)

I've learned a lot of these tips through fellow photographers, and also through my own experiences. Let me tell you though, not all of these work on everybody. That's where I've learned to get creative and change things up depending on who I am working with. I hope this inspires you to get more personal with your clients, and show them that being in front of the camera can actually be a lot of fun!

Lots of love,


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